In-Game Win Probability



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James said...
Only three players I can think of who have done that are MJD, Westbrook, and Peyton Manning.

Ian S said...
Always amazes me how few players are aware enough to sit down at the 1 yard line. Lucky for Buffalo the New England defenders were also unaware that it would have been better to simply let Jackson score the TD.

rm1721 said...
awesome game

Brian said...
Should have stopped the click with more than 3 sec. Doesn't allow time to fall on a bad snap on the 3rd down FG att.
0:03 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
That's a much better outcome for the Bills. Rather kill clock than have the TD.
1:43 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
If that TD stands, they scored way too fast. Should have taken a knee at the 1.
1:43 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
Brady looks like he's in an untimed 7-on-7 drill.
3:25 in the 4th qtr

Ian S said...
Excellent on the commentary. "You have to cover Gronkowski at the goal-line" *replay shows Gronkowski is covered as tightly as possible but makes the catch because he's a giant* "You can't stop him even when he is covered" Do you even have to watch the game to be a commentator?
9:45 in the 1st qtr