In-Game Win Probability



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Mike said...
The dumb part of the whole thing wasn't the Vikes not letting the Broncs score, it was the Broncs actually RUNNING three plays! They hurt Ryan Clady on the last play of the game and for what? They had it 1st and Goal on the 1 with 1:30ish left. Kneeling on the ball isn't something you do only when you're winning. Now you put your backs in jeopardy, your line can get hurt and what's worse, you can FUMBLE. Sit on the damn ball three times, call the timeout and call it a day. If my Donks don't have Clady next week they have no one to blame but themselves.

Ian said...
100% agree. I'd much rather put my chances of going to overtime in the hands of my QB than in hoping they mess up a 20 yard field goal. Unless, of course, the Vikings coaches think losing by 3 is better than losing by 7.

tunesmith said...
Mike B, I agree - they should have let Denver walk into the end zone there.

Mike B said...
Let em score!
1:12 in the 4th qtr