In-Game Win Probability



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Tim said...
1% chance of winning at halftime? I like those odds

Jonathan said...
LMAO at then "biggest most important stats" comment. "Pass yards, TD passes, wins." Derp and herp.
1:12 in the 4th qtr

Anon said...
I would like to see the historical games where the team in San Diego's situation won here
1:59 in the 4th qtr

Jonathan said...
My word, what happened? Did the Chargers play prevent defense the entire second half and start punting on 3rd down?
3:52 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
I think Rivers has money on the Broncos.
6:48 in the 4th qtr

Pickle said...
Wow, can the Broncos play any dumber? They just don't want to do anything good without shooting themselves in the foot.
8:41 in the 2nd qtr