In-Game Win Probability



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Theungry said...
@Tom Triumph Tebow lost 3 games in a row to end the 2011 season, including an inspiring 7-3 loss at home to KC.

Tom Triumph said...
Tebow did something last year. He won. Now, you can use all of the stats and reasons why it was or wasn't him, but he won. And he hasn't had a string of loses since. So, while it might make sense not to use him, at this point the Jets have nothing to lose. Put the guy in. Then, when he sucks, they put in their #3 guy. Or, they win. But Ryan seems to want to believe in heart and fire yet can't give in to the Tebow mystique. I think, in the end, Ryan can't believe that Ryan's pick (Sanchez) can't get the job done.

Brian said...
Sanchez should have been benched after yr 2.
15:00 in the 4th qtr

MK said...
This is absolutely brutal. One of those rare times I wished this site an extra decimal point or two when the win% was <.05 or >,95. @Jonathan: agree completely, but I can see Tebow coming in for a few drives if Sanchez throws a pick here on the opening drive of the half or something.

Jonathan said...
Really, they probably should go to McIlroy. It should be apparent by now that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow don't have the talent to possibly be a quality starting QB in the NFL. You might as well "see what you got," but they paid Sanchez the big bucks so he'll still get the snaps.
4:33 in the 2nd qtr

Gary said...
As bad as you might think Tebow is, he can't be much worse than Sanchez. Sanchez has made a profession out of having one good game every three games and not getting benched.
6:57 in the 2nd qtr

Jonathan said...
You almost have to feel bad for Rex Ryan here.
8:14 in the 2nd qtr

Brian said...
Sanchez fumble = too funny.
9:10 in the 2nd qtr