In-Game Win Probability



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Doug said...
My condolences to fans of both teams, but mostly to fans of the Texans.
0:00 in the 4th qtr

Chris said...
Lets give both teams an L
0:58 in the 4th qtr

Chris said...
Do the Colts dare put Richardson in to kill the clock?
1:55 in the 4th qtr

Doug said...
Losing games when you held a 97% win probability in the third quarter is what bad teams do.
2:54 in the 4th qtr

Pickle said... tell 'em, Laksaff.
4:00 in the 4th qtr

Pickle said...
All right, a draw to end the half! Bill Barnwell, please pick up the courtesy line.
0:29 in the 2nd qtr

Luther said...
I just wanted to comment and say that the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans are playing a NFL football game right now. Many plays have been run by both teams so far, and all of the players appear to be very involved.
1:13 in the 2nd qtr