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Claimed that Liu's first four husband called Wang Xiaoyu, investment-end furniture industry, said Wang Xiaoyu Furnished king fortune in Hong Kong, the United States in business, 71 years old this year, there have been Marriage Records, named by Liu and Wang Xiaoyu's wedding was held in the United States on the 20th local time, place to San Francisco, Half Moon Bay Ritz Carton Hotel, and chose to do in Hong Kong, wedding parties; Chuan Wang Xiaoyu has the United States, Hong Kong, two luxury transfer to Liu Xiaoqing, make a wedding gift. Netizens exposed Wang Xiaoyu is Whampoa offspring. Parent Jian-Qiu Wang is Whampoa Wuhan Branch seven graduates Wang Xiaoyu teenager living in Anhui, after graduating from high school, become a teacher, after which he gave up teaching job, into business, the main Xishan furniture, the main high-end market, product and more export-oriented, in The industry is very famous truly let Wang Xiaoyu identities are not revealed, is the Tenth CPPCC session he attended when he was interviewed photo exposure, confirmed his identity beyond a reasonable doubt.. But in fact, driven or based on the current state of urban and rural construction sites linked to the way to achieve Again Jiangsu and implemented rural homestead double replacement, homestead, household resettlement housing vacate available, children's education, pension insurance subsidy deals; while Guangdong recent comments rural homestead management approach, but also on the rural homestead in the town of limited circulation within the collective. But these still essentially in the homestead from exit mechanism to do a very limited, but compared to other places in Jiangsu double replacement, Guangdong approach more directly Therefore, the larger-scale pilot to explore a loud voice. Some analysts pointed out that a large number of urbanization migrant farmers, a large number of idle land, idle land if they can transfer it, not only to improve land use efficiency, better able to provide migrant pot of gold SW report, combined with the recent President Xi Jinping in Wuhan Integrated Rural Property Exchange, as well as Premier Li Keqiang Changshu Tian Niang family farm research speech content, the central leaders of the land transfer system open-minded, and there may be eighteen Third Plenary Session of the important topics There are rural issues experts believe that the issue of land reform may be held in November, the Third Plenary Session of eighteen are mentioned, but the central propose a framework may only ideas, specific program may still depend on larger scales around the pilot exploration, and to form part of a more mature areas of rural land transfer pilot content.. But there is one in Verona, Italy, I do see a young man filled with people who sang songs in front of years, this scene in Germany and Austria is invisible. From the work perspective, you can not help but believe that the Germans were more efficient than in Italy; However, from the standpoint of life, then you must admit that the Italians are more interesting than the German. German rigor and diligence, so that they become the locomotive of European industry; Italian pleasure and romance to make their food and opera walking in front of ....... AFP generally used as diagnostic indicators of primary liver cancer, liver cancer for judging the condition and prognosis has important value. Thus, for more than ten years history of chronic hepatitis B patients, especially men over the age of 40, AFP inspection is very important. To try to achieve early detection and early treatment to avoid missing the best time over several checks, usually six months to a year review once..