In-Game Win Probability



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Wade said...
Note -- Something to add to the WP algorithm is the number of clock stoppages remaining.
4:29 in the 4th qtr

BB said...
CIN can't afford too many 1 to 5 -yard gains with the clock running. They need to get hurried and look for the sidelines to save time.
8:06 in the 4th qtr

BB said...
CIN needs score, hold, score in 8 min. Starting at their own 12.
8:06 in the 4th qtr

Brian said...
Really surprised here. Thought CIN would have a strong upper hand. Rest of the AFC field is happy to have CIN out of the mix.
2:00 in the 3rd qtr

James said...
Rivers is now 11of 12 for like 120 yards. That's more like it.
6:46 in the 3rd qtr

James said...
Rivers only had 6 passes to 17 carries in the first half? I missed the first quarter but that doesn't seem to play to their strengths.

Jonathan said...
Wow, horrible clock management by San Diego. They just pounded it up the middle three straight times and gave Cincy the ball with plenty of time to get a FG. Completely defeats whatever purpose there is to playing conservative to get to halftime.
0:19 in the 2nd qtr